339acef7 — Étienne Mollier a month ago master
opnk.py: fix warning with python3.12.

As initially identified by Paul Wise in [Debian Bug#1064209], opnk.py
experiences the following warning when running under python3.12:

	$ python3.12 opnk.py gemini://ploum.net >/dev/null
	/home/emollier/debian/forward-upstream/offpunk/opnk.py:52: SyntaxWarning: invalid escape sequence '\%'
	  less_prompt = "page %%d/%%D- lines %%lb/%%L - %%Pb\%%"

This is due to the interpretation of escape sequences being less
relaxed in the new Python interpreter version.  Doubling the backslash
is one way to resolve this issue.

[Debian Bug#1064209]: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1064209

Signed-off-by: Étienne Mollier <emollier@debian.org>
9c8693dc — Ploum a month ago
display empty files instead of opening them with xdg-open
netcache: add support for IPv6 hostname bug #40
offpunk: fix IPv6 as an URL (bug #40)
2.2 - February 13th 2023

- cache folder is now configurable through $OFFPUNK_CACHE_PATH environment variable (by prx)
- offpunk: adding an URL to a list now update the view mode if url already present
- netcache: solve an infinite gemini loop with code 6X (see also bug #31)
- ansicat: added support for <video> HTML-element
- ansicat: if chafa fails to load an image, fallback to timg if available
- offpunk: add list autocompletion to "tour"
- offpunk: removed "blackbox", which has not been used nor maintained
- offpunk: "gus" was broken, it is functionnal again
- opnk/offpunk: more informative prompt in less
- ansicat: added support for HTML description elements <dt> and <dd> (by Bert Livens)
- opnk: added "--mode" command-line argument (bug #39)
- offpunk: support for "preformatted" theming (bug #38)
- opnk/netcache: added "--cache-validity" command-line argument (bug #37)
- ansicat: consider files as XML, not SVG, if they don’t have .svg extension
- offpunk: fix "view link" crashing with link to empty files
fix view link crashing with empty files
consider files as XML, not SVG, if no .svg extension
force new paragraph after a  preformatted html block
adding a linebreak after a preformatted block
a simple type was forcing images to be rendered twice
--cache-validity argument added to opnk and netcach (#37)
support for preformatted them - close #38
close #39: implement --mode in opnk
less prompts: last line of the screen
Added support for <dd> and <dt> tags to ansicat to render websites like https://fsl.software/ better.

Signed-off-by: Bert Livens <bert@bertlivens.be>
remove old blackbox call
More informative prompt in LESS
check that the cache_path ends with /
implement set cache directory

find below a patch which let user set a custom chache folder.

Environment variable OFFPUNK_CACHE_PATH is used.
This way, it can be set globally in a profile, or occasionnaly before running offpunk.
It also avoid the pain to parse options and dealing with flags in scripts.
Thank you for your attention.


changelog update