7713e0099246e7595537bff58c23ca0c915caa02 — Andrew Zaborowski 1 year, 3 months ago e4b1d42
eap-wsc: In WSC-R read UUID-E from settings

The intent was to read the UUID-E from the settings rather than generate
it from the enrollee's MAC because it needs to match the UUID-E from
enrolee's Probe Requests, fix this.  The UUID-E supplied in the unit
test was being ignored but the test still passed because the supplied
UUID-E was generated the same way we generated it in eap-wsc.c.
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M src/eap-wsc.c
M src/eap-wsc.c => src/eap-wsc.c +6 -3
@@ 1871,9 1871,6 @@ static struct eap_wsc_state *eap_wsc_new_common(struct l_settings *settings,
	if (!util_string_to_address(v, wsc->m1->addr))
		goto err;

	if (!wsc_uuid_from_addr(wsc->m1->addr, wsc->m1->uuid_e))
		goto err;

	if (!l_settings_get_uint(settings, "WSC", "ConfigurationMethods", &u32))

@@ 1988,6 1985,9 @@ static bool eap_wsc_load_settings(struct eap_state *eap,
	wsc->m1->connection_type_flags = WSC_CONNECTION_TYPE_ESS;

	if (!wsc_uuid_from_addr(wsc->m1->addr, wsc->m1->uuid_e))
		goto err;

	if (!load_device_data(settings,

@@ 2041,6 2041,9 @@ static bool eap_wsc_r_load_settings(struct eap_state *eap,
	if (!wsc)
		return false;

	if (!load_hexencoded(settings, "UUID-E", wsc->m1->uuid_e, 16))
		goto err;

	if (!load_hexencoded(settings, "UUID-R", wsc->m2->uuid_r, 16))
		goto err;