2231179b97129df248d43f2e59435d409fe6e817 — Andrew Zaborowski 1 year, 3 months ago 66e9d4f
eapol: Handle the use_eapol_start flag on authenticator

Reuse this flag on the authenticator side with a slightly different
meaning: when it's true we're forced to wait for the EAPoL-Start before
sending the first EAPoL-EAP frame to the supplicant, such as is required
in a WSC enrollee registration when the Association Request didn't have
a v2.0 WSC IE.
1 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M src/eapol.c
M src/eapol.c => src/eapol.c +9 -4
@@ 2417,7 2417,7 @@ bool eapol_start(struct eapol_sm *sm)
		sm->timeout = l_timeout_create(eapol_4way_handshake_time,
				eapol_timeout, sm, NULL);

	if (sm->use_eapol_start) {
	if (!sm->handshake->authenticator && sm->use_eapol_start) {
		 * We start a short timeout, if EAP packets are not received
		 * from AP, then we send the EAPoL-Start

@@ 2442,9 2442,14 @@ bool eapol_start(struct eapol_sm *sm)
		if (!sm->protocol_version)
			sm->protocol_version = EAPOL_PROTOCOL_VERSION_2004;

		if (sm->handshake->settings_8021x)
		else {
		if (sm->handshake->settings_8021x) {
			 * If we're allowed to, send EAP Identity request
			 * immediately, otherwise wait for an EAPoL-Start.
			if (!sm->use_eapol_start)
		} else {
			if (L_WARN_ON(!sm->handshake->have_pmk))
				return false;