c16edbc5 — Miquel Lionel 8 days ago master
Add "Change avatar" button to settings page
Change "Attach" button to "Detach" when file is attached

As a side effect, this adds a visual cue that a file will be sent.
There is no file preview yet, so at least some indicator is needed.
Add Message.setFile method

This allows setting file from JavaScript, so C++ remains a thin wrapper to Delta Chat core API.
sendMessage only calls dc_send_msg, and all the attachment logic goes to the JavaScript code.
Do not copy attachments to blobdir manually

If QFile::copy() fails because blobdir already contains an image with the same file name (could be something common, e.g., "1.jpg"), we end up sending completely wrong file.

Delta Chat core (dc_send_msg) already does the copying for us and resolves filename conflicts.
75043d4d — Miquel Lionel 12 days ago
Make attachment button functional
ComposePane: "attach" button
Fix QML code style

Mostly qmlformat, also rename root "id"s.
Add SOCKS5 settings
Place "Show full message" between the message and its status
Change SettingsPage id into `root`
Make ConfigurePage scrollable
Make Settings page scrollable

This way all the settings are reachable on small screens.
Remove Version from .desktop file

Otherwise `desktop-file-validate` supporting version 1.4 reports an
error. Version field is not required, so simply remove it.
README: remove outdated hint about starting IO

It was replaced with a "work offline" option which is off by default.
Update README to de-emphasize kdesrc-build
Start I/O after configuring or importing an account
Create event emitter only after creating an account

Otherwise event emitter will be closed immediately
Show account import progress
Add "Show classic emails" setting
Create initial account if there are no accounts