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preserve /etc/hosts entries with update_host
update fcitx5
improve openrc services


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#Elaina's Fembook 🌺

Sweetest configs in the North 🏔️🏔️

  • Lightweight The entire system is under 6GB (2GB from tex...)
  • Robust Everything I need as a daily driver and developing environment
  • Modern Carefully curated set of the most bleeding edge fossware
  • Pretty Thematic trans colour scheme all over the system

Main flavour: Sway on Alpine Edge, with the s6 supervision suite (WIP)


After installation Alpine and rebooting, run apk add zstd lsblk iwd git and lsblk -f -o name,fstype,size,uuid to get the UUID of the partition intended for /home. Edit /etc/fstab to mount it and add compress=zstd to the btrfs partitions, then reboot.

After rebooting, clone this repository and edit the USER and FULL_NAME in ./install, then run it to set up the user and the system.

Log out of root and log in as the new user. cd Documents/code/configs and run ./link to symlink ~/.configs_pointer to this directory and populate the system with symlinks basing from ~/.configs_pointer. If we move this directory, we only have to update ~/.configs_pointer. ./link status returns the link status without linking.

./link will fail to link ~/.mozilla because it expects Firefox to automatically create it first. Log out and in again to get the newly linked configs and launch Firefox, then run ./link again. Delete ~/.bash_history since it is now relocated to $XDG_STATE_HOME/bash/history.

#Additional manual setup

Edit /etc/tlp.conf

Package Additional setup
aerc chmod 600 aerc/accounts.conf
brightnessctl run brightnessctl -s at a comfortable brightness
neofetch replace the ascii art in /usr/bin/neofetch with the one from other/neofetch
neovim nvim -c :PlugInstall
s6-linux-init see https://skarnet.org/software/s6-linux-init/quickstart.html
swaybg put an image file at sway/media/wallpaper
swaylock put an image file at swaylock/wallpaper

Go to about:config and set the following fields:

Key Value Why
toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets true use custom style sheets
ui.key.menuAccessKeyFocuses false disable menu bar on alt key
full-screen-api.transition.timeout 0 disable full screen transition (doesn't work)
layout.css.devPixelsPerPx 1.25 upscale
privacy.webrtc.hideGlobalIndicator true hide screen-sharing overlay

Go to about:preferences

  • General: set default mailto app to /usr/bin/xdg-email instead of aerc.
  • Search: add SearXNG as default search engine
  • Privacy & Security: set Enhance Tracking Protection to strict, and enable secure DNS using Increased Protection with https://dns.quad9.net/dns-query

To inspect the DOM layout of the browser, visit chrome://browser/content/browser.xhtml

Add-on Additional setup
Stylus import firefox/stylus.json
uBlock Origin
Vimium import firefox/vimium-options.json


  • sway --> river
    • move brightness keys away from sway (so they work in console)
    • fcitx5 candidate
  • goimapnotify daemon
  • aerc offline sendmail
  • remove grub (...maybe don't)
  • s6-rc (wait for s6-frontend)