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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Kiwi IRC

A versatile web based messenger using IRC

  • 100% static files. Host with your favourite web server or a CDN
  • For single networks, bouncer hosts, or a personal generic IRC client that remembers your networks
  • Works out of the box with a default IRC network - or use your own
  • Single or multiple IRC network connections
  • Multiple layouts for small areas or full page layouts
  • Light and dark modes
  • Desktop notifications
  • Extremely versatile via a single JSON config file at runtime
  • Themable and rich plugin support such as file uploading and video calling
  • Team mode for workplaces

Connection modes:

  • Directly to a websocket IRC server
  • Connect via the webircgateway websocket proxy for normal IRC servers
  • Stay connected with KiwiBNC

#Installing Kiwi IRC

If you just want to embed an IRC client on your website, you can generate a custom client hosted by kiwiirc.com using the simple client builder, https://kiwiirc.com/clientbuilder/

To install Kiwi IRC on your own server, pre-built and ready to use installers can be found at the downloads page, https://kiwiirc.com/downloads/

#Building from source


Before you can build or start to develop on Kiwi IRC, make sure to have the following installed on your system:

#Building for production
# Install dependencies
$ yarn install

# Build Kiwi IRC into the dist/ folder
$ yarn run build

Note: Be sure to copy the files from the dist/ folder to your webserver! This folder will be overwritten each time it is built.

#Development environment

Kiwi IRC is built using Vuejs, webpack and babel.

# Install dependencies
yarn install

# Optionally link git pre-commit linting hooks
ln -s $PWD/scripts/pre-commit .git/hooks/

# A development web server with hot reloading at http://localhost:8080/
yarn run dev

Note: Do not use this development environment on your live website. It is slow, very large, and unsecure.


By default, the client will load the /static/config.json file on startup which contains the runtime configuration. When running in the development environment this can be found at static/config.json

#Browser support

Kiwi IRC is tested on all modern browsers and IE11. Other browsers are not actively tested and may have trouble running Kiwi IRC.

  • Chrome
  • Chrome Mobile (Android)
  • Firefox
  • IE11
  • Safari 9+