libera RWATCH
5cacd375 — jesopo a month ago
only report to both `channel` and `verbose` when they're different
3b721f51 — jesopo a month ago
implement quiet masks that only log to a secondary verbose channel
c8002e6d — jesopo a month ago
because we're abusing re.MULTILINE, \A won't work but ^ will


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


IRC nick!user@host real watcher, akin to Atheme's OperServ RWATCH.


$ cp config.example.yaml config.yaml
$ vim config.yaml
$ sqlite3 ~/.masks.db < make-database.sql


$ python3 -m bismite config.yaml

#quick usage examples

<jess> addreason spam Spam is not welcome on Libera Chat. Email $email with questions.
-bismite- added $spam
<jess> addreason email bans@libera.chat
-bismite- added $email
<jess> listreason
-bismite- $spam: Spam is not welcome on Libera Chat. Email $email with questions.
-bismite- $email: bans@libera.chat
<jess> addmask /^jesstest!/ $spam|!dnsbl
-bismite- added 1
<jess> listmask
-bismite-   1: /^jesstest!/ (0 hits) WARN [$spam|!dnsbl]
<jess> setmask 1 lethal
-bismite- /^jesstest!/ changed from WARN to LETHAL
<jess> getmask 1
-bismite-   1: /^jesstest!/ (0 hits) LETHAL [$spam|!dnsbl]
-bismite- changes:
-bismite-  2021-06-03T19:01:02 by jess: add
-bismite-  2021-06-03T19:01:10 by jess: type LETHAL



/msg bismite addmask /<regex>/ <reason>[|<oper reason>]

delimiters on /<regex>/ can be any non-alphanumeric character, e.g. ,<regex>,


/msg bismite setmask <id> WARN|LETHAL|DLETHAL|EXCLUDE


/msg bismite togglemask <id>


/msg bismite addreason <alias> <text>

adds a reason template that can be used in mask reasons (see above example)


/msg bismite delreason <alias>


/msg bismite listreason

#mask types


Prints a line to channel configured in config.yaml to tell you that someone matched the pattern.


Same as WARN, but also issues a /kill for the user.


Same as WARN, but also k-lines the user.


Same as LETHAL, but the k-line is delayed a bit.


Same as WARN, but is seen as more "important" than other mask types, and will thus prevent people matching it from matching e.g. LETHAL masks.

#mask flags

You can specify different flags to limit when a mask will be matched. For example to add mask flag i, use:

addmask /^beep!/i $spam|!dnsbl

The mask flags are as follows:

  • i - case insensitive match
  • a - only match users with an account
  • A - only match users without an account
  • N - also match on nick changes instead of just on connections
  • z - only match users who are using TLS
  • Z - only match users who are not using TLS