Displays mpv subtitles in your browser
Write subtitle positions into the HTML document
Properly handle ass escape sequences
Do not use sub-text anymore and instead figure out subtitle timings manually


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Inspiration taken (including the name, sorry) from github.com/kaervin/subserv-mpv-plugin

mpv-subserv is a plugin for the mpv video player that sends all subtitles to your browser, so you can copy-paste or use a mouseover dictionary on them.


Run install.sh


The plugin is dormant by default and controlled through the following environment variables:

  • MPV_SUBSERV set to 1 to enable the plugin.
  • MPV_SUBSERV_LANG will be put in the HTML bodys lang attribute. Important for CJK languages.
  • MPV_SUBSERV_FILTER path to the filter file to use (see Filter files).
  • MPV_SUBSERV_SUBFILE full path the subtitle file (required, see Design considerations).
  • MPV_SUBSERV_BROWSER your browser command, falls back to BROWSER or xdg-open.

#Filter files

Sometimes, subtitle files contain unwanted noise that you do not want in your subtitle list. By specifiying a filter file, you can filter those out.

A filter file is composed of line seperated regular expressions. If one of them matches against a line, it will not be displayed on the web UI. Refer to the Go Documentation for information about the syntax.

#Design considerations

mpv-subserv has to do it's own subtitle parsing, as mpv's interface for getting subtitle data is quite poor. Mpv does not expose how long subtitles are being displayed, which will be needed for future functionality (see TODO). Also, mpv's sub-text property is not reliable when retiming subtitles on the fly using sub-delay.


  • Generate video/audio files or screenshots for the current subtitle.
  • Implement support for srt subtitles.