Day 22 Task 1

Now that was a nice and easy one again.
Day 21 Task 2
Day 21 Task 1
Day 20 Task 2
Day 20 Task 1
Day 19 Task 2

I think this is another candidate for a later refactoring...
Day 19 Task 1
This is actually much clearer although it does the same.

I guess I should do this on save huh
Day 18 Task 2
Day 18 Task 1

Sorry for skipping day 17, it's kinda in a sorry state right now, I'll fix that
up some other day
Day 16 Task 2

I think I've managed to overcome my fear of goblins now.
Day 16 Task 1

Now that was easy.
Whoops, caught cheating...
Day 15 Task 2

At this point, I think I should call a therapist.
I don't think this will work for any other input but mine.
But feel free to try out.
Day 15 Task 1

Well, that was a chore...
Code is still quite messy, needs to be cleaned up.
Day 14 Task 2
Day 14 Task 1