v1.0.1 2 years ago

- Signal handling has been improved. Instead of signalfd, the traditional
  signal() is now used. This not only more reliable, but also more portable.
  As such, the compile time option to disable signal handling as been removed.
- When wlclock crashes, it will now print a backtrace when compiled on Linux
  with glibc.
- The layer surface configuration is now only set once, during surface creation.
  This is a workaround for broken compositors sending configure events for every
  layer surface configuration update, which could result in an endless loop.
  Also this is more idiomatic, so this is a nice improvement regardless.
- A bug in the Wayland flushing code in the event loop that could lead to
  wlclock being stuck in an endless loop has been fixed. Thanks Isaac for
  noticing, I had copy-pasted that code to a lot of projects and in one of them
  the error condition actually happened.
- Command flag handling for non-glibc systems has been fixed. Thanks Nulo for
- A lot of code cleanup has happened. I initially wrote this project when I knew
  very little about Wayland and, in fact, organizing a project of this "large".