00d248ce7385cfb2bc8f29169391f2b66d090e8e — Leon Henrik Plickat 4 months ago b9ea1ab
Get terminal size after executing command in foreground
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M src/nfm.zig
M src/nfm.zig => src/nfm.zig +4 -0
@@ 692,6 692,10 @@ fn dumpSelection() !void {
fn run(command: []const u8, dir: ?[]const u8, file: ?[]const u8, comptime name: []const u8) !void {
    try context.ui.cook();
    const ret = exec.foreground(context.gpa, command, dir, file);
    // If the terminal has been resized while we are executing something in the
    // foreground, we may not receive SIGWINCH. So always fetch the terminal
    // size here.
    try context.ui.resize();
    try context.ui.uncook();
    try context.ui.render(true, true);