v2.0.0 2 months ago

Version 2.0.0

This is most radical update of LavaLauncher to date. This new version not only
introduces a lot of new features, but also completely overhauls the
configuration as well as basically all internal data structures and operations.
If all patches since the last version are considered, this is almost a complete
rewrite, hence the major version bump.

- LavaLauncher is now configured via a configuration file instead of command
  flags. This not only provides a considerably more pleasant user experience,
  but also makes more complex configuration options possible, allowing
  LavaLauncher to gain a lot more useful features. See the man page for a full
  description of the configuration syntax and all possible options. (It is also
  possible to provide a system wide default configuration by placing a
  configuration file at /etc/lavalauncher/lavalauncher.conf, might be
  interesting for packagers).
- A single LavaLauncher instance can now spawn multiple different bars.
- LavaLauncher can now optionally be compiled with SVG image support.
- Introduced a new item for the bar: The spacer.
- A bar in "simple" mode can now have non-center alignments and margins
  parallel to the bars orientation.
- LavaLauncher now supports rounded corners. You can change the radius of each
  corner individually.
- LavaLauncher now displays an indicator for icons with which the user is
  interacting (pointer click/hovering and touch).
- Icons now have a configurable padding.
- LavaLauncher now supports parsing "rgb()" colours.
- LavaLauncher can now execute different command for left-, right- and
  middle-click, touch and scroll events.
- Touch input handling has been implemented by Nicolai Dagestad who also
  provided a small build system change to allow compiling on some ARM devices.
  This makes it theoretically possible to use LavaLauncher on devies such as
  the pinephone (so I have heared).
- The namespace of the layershell surface can now be configured.
- Changed default cursor from 'pointing_hand' to 'pointer', because the latter
  is present in more icon themes.
- LavaLauncher now handles signals.
- Jan Beich contributed multiple patches making it possible to build
  LavaLauncher on FreeBSD (with all features).
- Lots of internal changes, further improving the code quality.
- Fixed some bugs and crashes on cleanup and abort.
- Added a meson option to disable building and installing the man page.
- LavaLauncher now uses the new and shiny source hut project functionality. As
  an example, you can now submit your bug reports and feature request as
  tickets on the fancy issue tracker (I will be automatically notified via
  email). The mailing list is obviously still a good place for that as well and
  possibly better suited for more involved discussions.
- LavaLauncher now ships with a new document, "CONTRIBUTING.md", in its git
  repository, which outlines how you can contribute to this project.