Bump version to v1.7.1
Make {touch,pointer}_listener struct `extern`
Bumb to version 1.7.0
Move more output and seat operations out of registry.c
Adding command flag to configure cursor

Also gracefully handle unavailable cursor names.
Fix bug causing layer surfaces to not be configured after creation
Gracefully handle nonsensical outputs

Instead of simply aborting, LavaLauncher now ignores the output when it
detects it having a width and/or height of 0. Such outputs are very
likely a compositor bug, so a warning message is displayed.
Add better debug messages for output events.

The global name has been added to all output event messages. This makes
it possible to know which events is related to which output, which is
kinda helpful.
Fix crash when output is added on some compositors

On some compositors outputs are added before xdg_output_manager or
zwlr_layer_shell are available. This would cause LavaLauncher to crash.
To fix this issue, configuring of the output has been decoupled from
creating it.
Refactor buttons
Change cursor image when hovering over the bar
Use strdup() for all string in button struct
Put a correct copyright header into all files
Fix crash when unable to connect to Wayland server
Fix potentially unterminated string.
Add mode 'simple'

In simple mode, the bar surface does not span the entire edge of the
output it is docked to. Also the surface is only anchored to a single
Minor cleanup of draw.c
Remove conditional from draw_icons()
Refactor draw_bar()

By getting rid of draw_coloured_rectangle(), unnecessary cairo calls are
avoided. Also scaling is now implemented much more gracefully.