Add Bar_orientation to Lava_data
Fix scaling of icons
Add command flag for configuring exclusive zone
Load icons once during startup

This is a preparation for future features.
More command insertion-tokens
Updated command execution
Add output configuration
Only update pointer.button on click
Bump to 1.2 (and style/cleanup)
Changed border_with to icon_size

This makes more sense, as the "border_width" was not necessarily the
actual width, but could also be the height.
Massively improved drawing code

The previous drawing code was an unmaintainable mess. The new one is not
perfect, but at least I know what it does when I look at it.

Also added margins!
Update README and TODO
Removed unnecessary xdg_output_handle_logical_position()
Bump version to 1.1
Use XDG-Output

This should really fix all (multi-)output related issues.
Better handling of output events
Added the defaults to the manpage
Updated pointer motion handling

This is a preparation for future features.
offset now stored in Lava_output instead of Lava_data

This should solve issues with the bar placement on multi-monitor setups
with different resolutions / aspect ratios.
Updated README and TODO