Bump version to 1.1
Use XDG-Output

This should really fix all (multi-)output related issues.
Better handling of output events
Added the defaults to the manpage
Updated pointer motion handling

This is a preparation for future features.
offset now stored in Lava_output instead of Lava_data

This should solve issues with the bar placement on multi-monitor setups
with different resolutions / aspect ratios.
Updated README and TODO
Update makefile for automated build systems
Add display modes

This replaces the '-a' flag and adds two additional modes.
Improve aggressive anchoring

Instead of setting a margin, aggressive anchoring now causes the layer
surface to span the entire width / height of the screen edge it is
docked to. This fixes placment of small bars.
Allow position 'center'
Version bump: 1.0
Bug workaround

It's not nice, but it works...
Execute command
Handle mouse events
Improved wording of documentation
Fixed bar centering for aggressive_anchoring

The old method was only visual, the new method, setting a margin for the
layer surface, actually moves the surface.
Update TODO list
Add example screenshot for README
Draw icons

And some other minor changes...
Added mailinglist to README and manpage