Version bump: 1.0
Bug workaround

It's not nice, but it works...
Execute command
Handle mouse events
Improved wording of documentation
Fixed bar centering for aggressive_anchoring

The old method was only visual, the new method, setting a margin for the
layer surface, actually moves the surface.
Update TODO list
Add example screenshot for README
Draw icons

And some other minor changes...
Added mailinglist to README and manpage
Draw bar background and borders

And directory structure changes...
Style, add -l, add -a, refine -b, README
Add aggressive anchoring
Exclusive zone depends on position
More extensive Example in man page

This example shows how multiple buttons can be defined.
Added verbose messages

And played around with layer shell event handlers.
Set exclusive zone
Create a wl_surface and zwlr_layer_surface_v1 for each output
Talk to Wayland

And added LICENSE file
And added a TODO file
Implemented set_bar_colour() and set_border_colour()
Remove Debug Message