Fix command execution

- Fork two times
- Cleanup signal mask
Implement bar hiding
Simplify corner radius guard
Allow long options
Add summary to meson.build
542e8c94 — Jan Beich a month ago
types: avoid casting to non-standard __off64_t

off_t is always 64-bit on BSDs but only FreeBSD added off64_t compatibility.
Meson passes -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 by default, so there's no need for off64_t.
Use an array to store the commands of an item
Bumb version to 2.0.0
Add "./lavalauncher.conf" as additonal default config location

This makes testing a lot easier.
Improve phrasing of README, CONTRIBUTING and man page
Remove foreign-toplevel-management support

For something like LavaLauncher it makes more sense to encourage the
usage of stand-alone tools for things like this, which will work just as
well and are more flexible, as the toplevel operations can be controlled
by the shell commands.
Better error messages for config errors
Make margins uint32_t
remove .direction from bar-pattern configuration mechanism

And sort the struct array.
simplify directional config options

Instead of having 5 options, config options which are optionally
directional now have only 1.
man-page: Simplify syntax explanation and example config
Rewrite parser_get_string()

String reading in the config now works like one usually expects from
Linux / UNIX applications.
Implement (some) backslash escape sequences for strings
Create indicators for touchpoints
Implement touchpoint_from_id()
Handle touch cancel event

The cancel event means that the compositor has decided to take over the
touch-input, possibly for gestures, and that therefore we should stop
caring about all active touchpoints.

The vast majority of such compositor guestures will already be caught by
touch_handle_motion(), but nothing stops a compositor from having "hold
for X seconds" as a valid gesture.