Update to newer librsvg version
Deprecate non-sourcehut interactions
Change default namespace to be consistent with my other projects
Fix universal button commands not setting need_pointer and need_touch for real this time
Revert "Deprecate "aggressive" mode and alignments."

This reverts commit 6682a75e21209b41a6f1e48d80a91fdc6f4d347d.

Reverting to keep the upcoming point release closer to 2.0.0
misc-event-sources: adjust handle-signals guard after 0f447ead6fd3

$ meson setup -Dwatch-config=disabled _build && meson compile -C _build
ld: error: undefined symbol: signal_source
>>> referenced by lavalauncher.c:190 (src/lavalauncher.c:190)
>>>               lavalauncher.p/src_lavalauncher.c.o:(main)

$ meson setup -Dhandle-signals=disabled _build && meson compile -C _build
src/misc-event-sources.c:115:2: error: use of undeclared identifier 'sigset_t'
        sigset_t mask;
src/misc-event-sources.c:116:2: error: implicit declaration of function 'sigemptyset' is invalid in C99 [-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
895c04c9 — Robert Miller 1 year, 8 months ago
Updated wlr-layer-shell to version 4 + corresponding keyboard interactivity change
Print error when unexpected string hit in CONTEXT_NONE when parsin config
Replace Lava_data with global Lava_context

* A global variable makes more sense for this.
* Avoids name collisions, as "data" is commonly used in Wayland.
Deprecate "aggressive" mode and alignments.

LavaLauncher is not, was never intended to be and will never become a
generic widget thing. Let's get a bit more opinionted about this,
reducing code complexity, hopefully reducing maintenance effort and
making planned features easier to implement.

Bar alignment will be replaced with per-item alignment in a future
Fix two small memory leaks

Config path and output names were not freed.
Add developer button commands "exit" and "reload"

These will help in finding bugs, such as memory leaks and reloading
Fix documentation

- border-colour option was missing somehow
- removed mention of developer options
809b19b1 — Robert Miller 1 year, 8 months ago
Fix input issues when interaction type not defined
Fix bug causing output configs "all" and "*" to never spawn a bar instance
Clearify how namespace config option works in man page
combine update_bar_instance() and bar_instance_update_hidden_status()
Move some bar instance update functions to better locations

And better document how update_bar_instances_on_output() works.