★ A simple launcher panel for Wayland desktops
Put a correct copyright header into all files
Fix crash when unable to connect to Wayland server
Fix potentially unterminated string.



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LavaLauncher is a simple launcher for Wayland.

It serves a single purpose: Letting the user execute shell commands by clicking on icons on a dynamically sized bar, placed at one of the screen edges.

Unlike most popular launchers, LavaLauncher does not care about .desktop files or icon themes and it does not track open applications; It is not a dock. To create a button, you simply provide the path to an image and a shell command. This makes LavaLauncher considerably more flexible: You could have buttons not just for launching applications, but also for ejecting your optical drive, rotating your screen, sending your cat an email, playing a funny sound, muting all audio, toggling your lamps, etc. You can turn practically anything you could do in your shell into a button.

LavaLauncher is opinionated, yet remains configurable. The configuration is done entirely via command flags. See the manpage for details and an example.

LavaLauncher has been successfully tested with sway and wayfire.


LavaLauncher depends on Wayland, Wayland protocols and Cairo. To build this program you will need a C compiler, the meson & ninja build system and scdoc to generate the manpage.

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~leon_plickat/lavalauncher
cd lavalauncher
meson build
ninja -C build
sudo ninja -C build install


The mailinglist is for bug reports, contributions, feedback and getting help.



Contributions are welcome! You can send your patches via email to the mailing list. See this helpful link to learn how to send emails with git.

For larger contributions, especially for radical changes, I highly recommend you to ask me whether I will include your commit before you start investing time into it. Also please respect the coding style, even if you do not like it.

You are strongly invited to add your name to the copyright header of the files you changed and to the authors sections in the man page and README if you made an important contribution. A Free Software project is proud of every contributor.


LavaLauncher is licensed under the GPLv3.

The contents of the protocol directory are licensed differently. See the header of the files for more information.


  • Include a simple clock widget (with a simple built-in numbers-only font).
  • Test touch support.
  • Add support for other input methods, like drawing tablets
  • Speed up drawing, either by using something other than cairo for the icons or by drawing icons to a subsurface.
  • Different background for button the pointer hovers over. This likely requires speeding up of the drawing code.
  • clone() instead of fork()?


Leon Plickat leonhenrik.plickat@stud.uni-goettingen.de