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KolibriOS sound, network and libraries packs
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<br><a href="kolibri.zip">kolibri.zip</a>

<br>This is an archiver library that will allow KFAR unpack archives.
<br>Please put this file into LIB/ folder on the system floppy (or /rd/1/), and adjust <a href="kfar.ini">KFAR.INI</a> configuration:
<br>These actions can be done right from the KolibriOS.
<br>Size: 23,213 
<br>CRC32: 1BC503AD
<br><a href="archiver.obj">archiver.obj</a>

<p><b>System libraries, extra drivers and tools</b>
<br>While many KolibriOS programs will work with just the base OS, many advanced programs rely on
extra tools and libraries available in the distribution. Highly recommended. Just unpack into your system directory.
<br>Drivers: RDC and Intel laptop video drivers
<br>Libraries: PNG, JPG, GIF decoders, ANSI terminal emulator, OpenDialog, and more
<br>Tools: pop-up notifications, resource sharer, ramdrive manager
<br>Size: 161,658  
<br>CRC32: 014FCD47 
<a href="system.zip">system.zip</a>

<p><b>Sound subsystem</b>
<br>The entire sound subsystem with drivers.
<br>Supported audio: SB16, AC'97, Intel HDA, SiS, Emu10k1x, Infinity, FM801
<br>Installation: put drivers in /rd/1/drivers/ 
<br>Size: 26,201  
<br>CRC32: E1C0A7EF
<a href="sound.zip">sound.zip</a>

<p><b>Network subsystem and apps</b>
<br>Supported devices: 3c59x, ar81xx, dec21x4x, forcedeth, i8254x, i255x, mtd80x, pcnet32, r6040, rhine,
rtl8029, rtl8139, rtl8169, sis900, vt823x
<br>Included applications: downloader, ftpc, ftpd, ircc, nslookup, ping, sntp, synergy, telnet, tftpc, vncc, webview browser, whois
<br>Installation: put folders in /rd/1/ - then run netcfg and @zeroconf
<br>Note: most of the tools require system library pack (see above)
<br>Size: 112,855
<br>CRC32: CA6869D3
<a href="network.zip">network.zip</a>

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