The Misfin mail protocol
d5b33016 — John Lemme 1 year, 1 month ago
Proper sending program, check out transponder.send
One more hack before a real client interface
Letter parsing not as disgusting as it was


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#misfin (is) mail (for the) small web

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misfin://hello@misfin.org What's up?\r\n
20 1e:9f:11:e4:8f:aa:12:b3:cb...

#what is this?

Misfin is to email what Gemini is to the Web. Set up a Misfin server alongside your Gemini capsule, and start networking with other capsuleers - no signup required. For the full details, see gemini://misfin.org/ .


A Misfin message is a single string of UTF-8 gemtext, no more than 2,048 characters long. Want to write more? Send two messages. What about attachments? Host it on a Gemini server and add a link line - you get the fingerprint of your recipient back, so you can even gate access if it's eyes only. Keeping Misfin mail simple makes it a better fit for the small web - it's easier to implement, easier to secure, and easier to keep running.

#i don't like it?

Good, because we're still trying to nail down the details. This version is Misfin(B), but there's another, more SMTP-like version - Misfin(A) - that is also implemented here. Eventually we're settling on one or the other, but feel free to experiment. For the moment though? Download the reference implementation, make a certificate, and send your comments to misfin://rfc@misfin.org. (Or make a ticket on sourcehut, or on Github, or post about it on station, or w/e).

#run your own

There isn't a production mailserver written yet, but you can run the (new! improved!) testing suite and send/receive mail. Run python -m transponder.debug to see how. (You'll need to install pyopenssl first).

python -m transponder.debug make-cert queen "Queen bee" hive.com queen_hive.pem
python -m transponder.debug receive-as queen_hive.pem


python -m transponder.debug make-cert bee "Worker bee" hive.com bee_hive.pem
python -m transponder.debug send-as bee_hive.pem queen@hive.com "Where's the flowers at"