7e025e14 — Leinnan 7 months ago
Remove DamageBox on AttackRecovery
5cd4e521 — Leinnan 7 months ago
Create damageBox on attack
378c810c — Leinnan 7 months ago
Attack activities
Add objects to scene
446bb8c8 — Leinnan 7 months ago
Code cleanup, stop switching between idle and walking all the time when is one patrol point
7207688c — Leinnan 7 months ago
Add name to Actor, display when possible, better actor json parsing
715e76bc — Leinnan 7 months ago
World screen text component
0c27928f — Leinnan 8 months ago
specify json file as argument
a1e857c8 — Leinnan 8 months ago
Code cleanup, scrolling camera
Emscripten support- add index file, update Cmake
56cc0a10 — Leinnan 8 months ago
Emscripten support- first part
6630ed31 — Leinnan 8 months ago
Change Camera
d6f41f09 — Leinnan 8 months ago
Movement based on mouse input
4f6625aa — Leinnan 9 months ago
Read entities and components from json file
Parse collisions, refactor code
0face077 — Leinnan 9 months ago
Parse most of the components
43f62019 — Leinnan 9 months ago
Start saving components to file
6dee72c3 — Leinnan 10 months ago
Clang format
9fc2661c — Leinnan 10 months ago
Rotating object
Emit missiles