a Toki Pona emoji set for Mastodon
Fixed one more typo. This includes 150 glyphs, not 130.
Added a link in the README to a ZIP archive containing all the files.
Added a LICENSE file.


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#Sitelen Pilin Laso


Sitelen Pilin Laso is a set of Toki Pona emoji initally created for the Merveilles Mastodon instance.

It currently includes pu words, ku suli words, and ku suli ala words with an index of 2, for a total of 150 glyphs.


The idea came up soon after the release of Sonja Lang's Toki Pona Dictionary (also known as "ku".)


Since you probably don't need to clone this repository, you can find a ZIP archive here for convenience.

You can add the PNG files manually to your instance through the administration panel, in the custom emoji section. It's a slow and painfully tedious process, so you might want to do that with the CLI instead, though I've not tested this method.

Please note: screen reader users may not enjoy parsing loads of emoji codes when reading toots written with these glyphs, so you might want to keep emoji codes as short as possible, without prefixes (or use content warnings.)


Glyphs are based on the linja sike font by jan Lipamanka. Some of them were slightly reworked to improve readability.

#Change log


  • First upload of the whole set in PNG and SVG.