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Pimeja is a Toki Pona dictionary. You can use it online directly here: https://pimeja.lectronice.com

It currently supports English and French definitions taken from the official Toki Pona book by Sonja Lang, along with a few unofficial or removed words. It includes a sitelen pona glyph for every word, and a simple way to hide or show word names, glyphs and definitions.


The primary goal is to offer a convenient way to access the vocabulary anywhere, online and offline, on desktop and on mobile. It's still a work in progress, so everything isn't bundled into a single HTML file yet, but the idea is to provide a lightweight digital Toki Pona tool that can be easily accessed and shared on most devices by anyone interested in the language.


  • Filter words with the letter and category buttons in the top menu.
  • Hide or show items with the sitelen / nimi / sona buttons.
  • Switch to French or English definitions with the toki button.
  • Drag & drop themes from the 100 Rabbits ecosystem to change colors. (May be reimplemented in the future)
  • Feel free to say hi on Mastodon or join our Toki Pona forum.


  • Inter font by Rasmus Andersson (will probably be removed to reduce file size.)
  • linja pona font by jan Same & David A Roberts.

Special thanks to Russ Sharek for his feedback and suggestions.


Updates will happen when I'll find some time... If I do:

  • More unofficial words may be added.
  • Pimeja will probably include sitelen sitelen glyphs.
  • The spaced repetition features that were initially planned might become available as a standalone application.


The current CSS-only approach was made possible thanks to these articles:

#Change log


  • Non-pu filter
  • 10 unofficial or old words supported by the linja pona font: apeja, kijetesantakalu, kin, kipisi, leko, monsuta, namako, oko, pake, tonsi.
  • Font change button
  • sitelen pona pona font (too confusing for beginners)
  • Tiny mostly cosmetic tweaks