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## Why?
The primary goal is to offer a convenient way to access the vocabulary anywhere, online and offline, on desktop and on mobile. It's still a work in progress, so everything isn't bundled into a single HTML file yet, but the idea is to provide a lightweight digital Toki Pona tool that can be easily accessed and shared on most devices by anyone interested in the language.

## How?
- Filter words with the letter and type buttons in the top menu.
- Hide or show columns with the sitelen / nimi / sona buttons.
- Switch to sitelen linja pona or sitelen pona pona with the sitelen button.
- Switch to French or English definitions with the toki button.
- ~~Drag & drop themes from the 100 Rabbits ecosystem to change colors.~~ (May be reimplemented in the future)
- Feel free to say hi on [Mastodon](https://merveilles.town:@ice) or join our [Toki Pona forum](https://tokipona.lectronice.com).

## Who?
- Inter font by Rasmus Andersson.
- sitelen pona pona font by Jack Humbert.