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Revert "- added first letter search for alternate words (kin, oko, namako)"

This reverts commit 32ade5a1ee33996227eb8f50cd119ffc7c25b10c.

Stil trying to simply update that stupid commit message. Why is Git so complicated?
1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

M index.html
M index.html => index.html +8 -8
@@ 81,7 81,7 @@
      <ul class="cards">
        <!-- a -->
        <li class="card" data-category="a k particle">
        <li class="card" data-category="a particle">
          <div class="g">a</div><div class="n">a / kin</div>
          <div class="l en"><em>particle</em>(emphasis, emotion or confirmation)</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>particule</em>(accent, émotion ou confirmation)</div>

@@ 109,8 109,8 @@
          <div class="l fr"><em>adjectif</em>tous, abondants, innombrables</div>
          <div class="l en"><em>noun</em>abundance, everything, life, universe</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nom</em>tout, abondance, la vie, l'univers</div>
          <div class="l en"><em>number</em>infinity (simple); 100 (complex)</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nombre</em>infinité (simple) ; 100 (complexe)</div>
          <div class="l en"><em>number</em>100</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nombre</em>100</div>
        <li class="card" data-category="a adjective">
          <div class="g">anpa</div><div class="n">anpa</div>

@@ 334,7 334,7 @@
          <div class="l en"><em>number</em>5</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nombre</em>5</div>
        <li class="card" data-category="l o verb pre-verb">
        <li class="card" data-category="l verb pre-verb">
          <div class="g">lukin</div><div class="n">lukin / oko</div>
          <div class="l en"><em>noun</em>eye</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nom</em>œil</div>

@@ 415,8 415,8 @@
          <div class="l fr"><em>adjectif</em>beaucoup de, plusieurs, plus de ; très</div>
          <div class="l en"><em>noun</em>quantity</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nom</em>quantité</div>
					<div class="l en"><em>number</em>3 or more (simple); 20 (complex)</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nombre</em>3 ou plus (simple) ; 20 (complexe)</div>
					<div class="l en"><em>number</em>20</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>nombre</em>20</div>
        <!-- n -->
        <li class="card" data-category="n particle noun">

@@ 592,7 592,7 @@
          <div class="l en"><em>adjective</em>of one year</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>adjectif</em>annuel</div>
        <li class="card" data-category="s n adjective">
        <li class="card" data-category="s adjective">
          <div class="g">sin</div><div class="n">sin / namako</div>
          <div class="l en"><em>adjective</em>new, fresh; additional, another, extra</div>
          <div class="l fr"><em>adjectif</em>nouveau, frais ; encore un, de plus</div>

@@ 740,7 740,7 @@
      <ul class="filters footer">
        <li><div class="title"><a href="https://git.sr.ht/~lectronice/pimeja">pimeja<span> 0.3.2</span></a></div></li>
        <li><div class="title"><a href="https://git.sr.ht/~lectronice/pimeja">pimeja<span> 0.3.1</span></a></div></li>
        <li><div class="top"><a href="#top">sewi</a></div></li>
        <li><div class="author"><a href="https://merveilles.town/@ice">toki lipu ma</a></div></li>
        <li><div class="forum"><a href="https://tokipona.lectronice.com">kulupu lipu ma</a><div></li>