Final project for EELE 468; completed with Ben Kiehn
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#Ben & Will's EELE 468 final project

#Project description

Project goals were to implement 2 sound effects on the DE10-Nano FPGA. The selected sound effects were a tremolo and comb filter, which were implemented in Simulink. The tremolo effect is essentially mixing an echo with the input signal, where the echo is oscillating in magnitude. The comb filter produced a delay along with the input signal, using a configurable wet/dry mix setting to select the amount of blending. It used a circular buffer to create the delay.

A custom Linux image was also used for the HPS. It was built based on this extremely helpful guide which I found online. The image was based on Debian. Annoyingly, the Audio Mini was not working with the image I built. I was able to determine that there was some configuration magic happening within Dr. Snider's image; to fix this, I just copied his u-boot partition with dd.

We also made basic interfaces for our sound effects in the interface directory.

#Directory structure

  • doc: Trevor's assignment instructions for project components and the project itself as well as our proposal
  • driver: Device drivers for both the comb filter and tremolo sound effects
  • interface: Interface scripts
  • lib: Provided library files
  • quartus: Main Quartus hardware project
  • simulink: Matlab and Simulink files used in development of the sound effects