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0	131	90	"Your Letters"	"Your Letters"			
0	131	92	"Events"	"Community Events Calendar"	"Find out what community-organised Raspberry Pi-themed events are happening near you…"		
0	131	98	"The Final Word"	"Tech in front of our eyes"	"Virtual reality is in the news, but physical making is the real deal!"		"Lucy Hattersley"
0	132	3	"Introduction"	"Welcome to the MagPi 132"			"Lucy Hattersley"
	132	8	"Project Showcase"	"Paragraphica"	"A camera whose design is heavily influenced by a mole? Nicola King simply had to dig down…"	"Bjørn Karmann"	"Nicola King"
	132	12	"Project Showcase"	"Decktility"	"Want to take Raspberry Pi OS out on the road with you? Then you need Ken Van Hoeylandt’s handheld PC. David Crookes takes a look"	"Ken Van Hoeylandt"	"David Crookes"
	132	14	"Project Showcase"	"Mona Lisa Fluid Painting"	"A creative way of demonstrating the capabilities of microfluidic biosensors, captured on a Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, caught the eye of Rosie Hattersley"	"Yuksel Temiz"	"Rosie Hattersley"
	132	18	"Project Showcase"	"Star Wars diorama"	"Become a new hope for a galaxy far, far away by recreating an iconic scene from Star Wars. Rob Zwetsloot checks out the information stored in this R2-unit"	"Wayne Chan"	"Rob Zwetsloot"
	132	22	"Project Showcase"	"Pipistrelle Bat Detector"	"Watching wildlife can be highly rewarding. This bat detector puts Pi Zero to good effect, discerning species by their calls. By Rosie Hattersley"	"Phil Atkin"	"Rosie Hattersley"
	132	26	"Project Showcase"	"Flight tracker with weather"	"When Adam Paulson wanted to recreate a flight tracker, he decided it needed to spread its wings, as David Crookes explains"	"Adam Paulson"	"David Crookes"
	132	28	"Project Showcase"	"Raspberry Pi- Controlled Automatic Phone Ring Killer"	"Landline phone interrupting your beauty sleep? This maker tasked Raspberry Pi to keep his silent during the night. Rob Zwetsloot gives him a buzz"	"Barry Mead"	"Rob Zwetsloot"
	132	32	"Success Story"	"Yodeck"	"Raspberry Pi’s “amazing balance between power and cost” supports a worldwide digital signage success story. By Rosie Hattersley"		"Rosie Hattersley"
	132	36	"Feature"	"Build a Universal Media Player"	"Turn your Raspberry Pi into a dedicated home entertainment system"		"Phil King"
	132	44	"Tutorial"	"Make a Pico LCD true or false quiz game"	"An LCD display can display messages from Raspberry Pi Pico. In this project, the display is used as part of a quiz game"	"Stewart Watkiss"	
	132	50	"Tutorial"	"Part 02: Camera Module: The preview window"	"Before taking a shot, you’ll use the preview window to check it. Discover how this window works and what your options are"	"David Plowman"	
	132	54	"Tutorial"	"In The Workshop: Pomodoro timer"	"In which we try to do something simple and end up learning about I2C"	"Andrew Gregory"	
	132	58	"Feature"	"Citizen Science with Raspberry Pi"	"Contribute to our understanding of the universe with these fantastic scientific projects"		"Rob Zwetsloot"
	132	61	"Feature"	"Shaking Science"	"We talk to Raspberry Shake founder Branden Christensen and marketing director Mike Hotchkiss about citizen seismology"	"Branden Christensen; Mike Hotchkiss"	
	132	64	"Review"	"Kitronik ZIP96 Retro Gamer"	"Learn to code with this Pico-powered handheld. By Phil King"		"Phil King"
	132	66	"Review"	"Technaxx TX-207"	"Lucy Hattersley takes Raspberry Pi Zero out in the garden for a test with this solar charging case"		"Lucy Hattersley"
	132	68	"Review"	"Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit"	"A box of fun with 32 projects to try out. Rob Zwetsloot fights off colleagues to test them all"		"Rob Zwetsloot"
	132	70	"Review"	"Cosmic Unicorn (Pico W Aboard)"	"A big, bright, and beautiful LED matrix display. By Phil King"		"Phil King"
	132	73	"Review"	"Inky Frame 7.3˝ (Pico W Aboard)"	"Powered by Pico W, this is one big-screen e-ink display. By Phil King"		"Phil King"
	132	74	"Resources"	"10 Amazing: Upcycling projects"	"Reduce, reuse, and recycle with these upcycled Raspberry Pi projects"		
	132	77	"Resources"	"Learn Python with Raspberry Pi"	"Start coding with this superb programming language. By Lucy Hattersley"		"Lucy Hattersley"
	132	80	"Events"	"Liverpool MakeFest 2023"	"Roving The MagPi reporter PJ Evans heads to Merseyside to see displays of Raspberry Pi greatness"		"P J Evans"
	132	84	"Interview"	"Sean McManus"	"The MagPi regular and Raspberry Pi guide writer, Sean has done just about everything with a Raspberry Pi"		
	132	86	"This Month In Raspberry Pi"	"MagPi Monday"	"Amazing projects direct from our Twitter!"		
	132	88	"This Month In Raspberry Pi"	"Events in pictures: Raspberry Jam Mexico"	"Community and official events in the wild"		
	132	90	"Your Letters"	"Your Letters"			
	132	92	"Events"	"Community Events Calendar"	"Find out what community-organised Raspberry Pi-themed events are happening near you…"		
	132	98	"The Final Word"	"Novelty"	"Using Raspberry Pi outside of the day job hits different, according to Rob Zwetsloot"		"Rob Zwetsloot"