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0	133	92	"Your Letters"	"Your Letters"			
0	133	94	"Events"	"Community Events Calendar"	"Find out what community-organised Raspberry Pi-themed events are happening near you…"		
0	133	98	"The Final Word"	"Learning by making"	"How a Raspberry Pi for work and play is helping Lucy learn By Lucy Hattersley"		"Lucy Hattersley"
0	134	3	"Introduction"	"Welcome to The MagPi 134"			"Lucy Hattersley"
0	134	10	"Feature"	"Introducing Raspberry Pi 5"	"Introducing… Up to three times faster, absolutely packed with new features, and available to The MagPi subscribers first, Raspberry Pi 5 is everything we wanted from a new Raspberry Pi computer"		"Lucy Hattersley"
0	134	15	"Feature"	"Explore the new Raspberry Pi OS"	"A new operating system is also announced: Raspberry Pi OS based on Debian ‘bookworm’"		
0	134	16	"Feature"	"Raspberry Pi 5 Accessories"	"Modular design is more feature-packed than ever"		
0	134	18	"Feature"	"Behind the scenes with Raspberry Pi 5"	"Building new hardware, new silicon, and new docs"		"James Adams"
0	134	21	"Feature"	"Documenting Raspberry Pi 5"	"Writing great documentation for every level is necessary, argues Alasdair Allan"		"Alasdair Allan"
0	134	24	"Project Showcase"	"Bristol Braille Canute 360"	"Braille readers bring literacy to non- and partially sighted readers. Rosie Hattersley hears about a breakthrough Raspberry Pi version"	"Ed Rogers"	"Rosie Hattersley"
0	134	28	"Project Showcase"	"Giant Dot Matrix Printer"	"You may think you know what a dot matrix printer looks like. Well, read on and be dumbstruck! Nicola King gets on board"	"Ryder Damen"	"Nicola King"
0	134	30	"Project Showcase"	"DispatchPi"	"Olivier Simard-Hanley found a picture-perfect way of keeping in touch with his fiancée, as David Crookes discovers"	"Olivier Simard-Hanley"	"David Crookes"
0	134	32	"Project Showcase"	"Zelda Guardian security camera"	"Adopting a stray dog prompted a kind-hearted coder to come up with a Raspberry Pi way of keeping an eye on him. Cute huh? By Rosie Hattersley"	"Naomi Pentrel"	"Rosie Hattersley"
0	134	36	"Project Showcase"	"The Oracle"	"Has Evan Holbert created the future of fortune telling courtesy of a Game Boy, ChatGPT, and Raspberry Pi? David Crookes finds out"	"Evan Holbert"	"David Crookes"
0	134	38	"Success Story"	"Sarawak, Malaysia primary schools"	"Raspberry Pi supports digital skills in every primary school in Malaysia’s largest state. By Rosie Hattersley"		"Rosie Hattersley"
0	134	42	"Tutorial"	"Make a low-cost oscilloscope with Scoppy"	"With Raspberry Pi Pico and the Scoppy app, you can test circuits and more"	"Phil King"	
0	134	46	"Tutorial"	"Part 08: Control a model railway"	"Get on the right track by controlling a model railway using a Raspberry Pi with motors and an H-bridge"	"Stewart Watkiss"	
0	134	52	"Tutorial"	"Part 06: Camera Module: Understanding camera modes"	"Take control of your Raspberry Pi Camera Module and how it captures images"	"David Plowman"	
0	134	56	"Tutorial"	"Part 02: Discover variables with Python"	"Discover how to keep track of things in Python. Store, use and reuse strings, numbers, and other values with variables"	"Lucy Hattersley"	
0	134	60	"Tutorial"	"Pico W-powered Bluetooth chord keyboard"	"Make a chord keyboard that works over Bluetooth"	"Rob Miles"	
0	134	68	"Feature"	"Trick or Treat with Raspberry Pi"	"Prepare to frighten or feed your guests this Halloween with these bone-chilling builds and malevolent makes"		"Rob Dreadsloot"
0	134	75	"`Review"	"CM4 Nano"	"A ruggedised industrial device based on Compute Module 4."		"Phil King"
0	134	76	"Review"	"Inventor HAT Mini"	"Mini all-in-one board for robotics and more."		"Phil King"
0	134	78	"Resources"	"10 Amazing: Starter kits"	"Get started on your first Raspberry Pi build"		
0	134	81	"Learn robotics with Raspberry Pi"	"Learn robotics with Raspberry Pi"	"Start building Raspberry Pi robots with the help of these resources."		"Phil King"
0	134	82	"Resources"	"Build a Robot Buggy"			"Raspberry Pi Foundation"
0	134	82	"Resources"	"Robotic Arms & Legs"			"The MagPi"
0	134	84	"Interview"	"Nicholas Provenzano"	"The award-winning Nerdy Teacher who has become one of the leading makerspace authorities in the USA"		
0	134	86	"This Month In Raspberry Pi"	"MagPi Monday"	"Amazing projects direct from social media!"		
0	134	88	"This Month In Raspberry Pi"	"Events in pictures: Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Meetup"	"Community and official events in the wild"		
0	134	90	"Your Letters"	"Your Letters"			
0	134	92	"Events"	"Community Events Calendar"	"Find out what community-organised Raspberry Pi-themed events are happening near you…"		
0	134	98	"The Final Word"	"Five"	"A new generation of Raspberry Pi means huge things for Rob Zwetsloot"		"Rob Zwetsloot"