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0	132	90	"Your Letters"	"Your Letters"			
0	132	92	"Events"	"Community Events Calendar"	"Find out what community-organised Raspberry Pi-themed events are happening near you…"		
0	132	98	"The Final Word"	"Novelty"	"Using Raspberry Pi outside of the day job hits different, according to Rob Zwetsloot"		"Rob Zwetsloot"
0	133	3	"Introduction"	"Welcome to The MagPi 133"			"Lucy Hattersley"
0	133	8	"Project Showcase"	"Roktrack – Pylon-guided mower"	"Here’s a robot that takes grass and weed cutting to the next level… literally. Nicola King wonders at this weed assassin"	"Yuta Suito"	"Nicola King"
0	133	12	"Project Showcase"	"Pico Held"	"David Crookes takes a look at a device based around Raspberry Pi Pico that emulates the Sega Mega Drive and lets you play homebrew games"	"Daniel Kammer"	"David Crookes"
0	133	14	"Project Showcase"	"EPIC Satellite"	"NASA’s EPIC Satellite takes beautiful photographs, which one Raspberry Pi user was keen to display at home. Rosie Hattersley was intrigued"	"Matt Gray"	"Rosie Hattersley"
0	133	18	"Project Showcase"	"OnnxStream Stable Diffusion Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W"	"Creating AI art using a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W shouldn’t work, but a determined software optimiser found a way how, as he tells Rosie Hattersley"	"Vito Plantamura"	"Rosie Hattersley"
0	133	22	"Project Showcase"	"Chip Bipedal Companion Robot"	"Chip is accomplished robot maker Kev’s take on a cute companion. Rosie Hattersley hears his origin story"	"Kevin McAleer"	"Rosie Hattersley"
0	133	24	"Project Showcase"	"Badgercam"	"What do you do when you want to observe wildlife at a distance with little interference? Dig out a spare Raspberry Pi, as Rob Zwetsloot finds out"	"Philip Mill"	"Rob Zwetsloot"
0	133	32	"Success Story"	"University of Leeds glacier research"	"Flexible, easy-to-use Raspberry Pi cameras and computers lower the cost of 3D glacier modelling. By Rosie Hattersley"		"Rosie Hattersley"
0	133	36	"Feature"	"Emulate Every Thing"	"Use ready-made emulation distros to turn Raspberry Pi into an all-in-one emulator to play the best classic and modern retro games"		"K G Orphanides"
0	133	44	"Tutorial"	"Part 01: Practical Python with Raspberry Pi"	"Learn to code with the Python programming language"		"Lucy Hattersley"
0	133	48	"Tutorial"	"Part 07: Build a Pong- style game with Raspberry Pi"	"Create a version of the classic pong game using a Raspberry Pi. This project creates rotating paddles using potentiometers and an SPI analogue-to-digital converter"	"Stewart Watkiss"	
0	133	54	"Tutorial"	"Part 05: Camera Module: Controlling the camera"	"Take control of your Raspberry Pi Camera Module and how it captures images"		"David Plowman"
0	133	60	"Tutorial"	"reBartender V0.1"	"Get yourself a Raspberry Pi-powered drinks dispenser with this cool setup by Seeed Studio and their reTerminal"	"Peter Pan"	
0	133	64	"Feature"	"Work & Learn with Raspberry Pi"	"Use your Raspberry Pi as a desktop PC for work and study"		"Phil King"
0	133	72	"Review"	"CrowVision"	"A flexible, large touchscreen for all Raspberry Pis, and even your PC. Rob Zwetsloot has a look at it"		"Rob Zwetsloot"
0	133	74	"Review"	"Pironman"	"This detailed tower case is packed with features and a complex build. By Lucy Hattersley"		"Lucy Hattersley"
0	133	76	"Review"	"Only The Best: Spring is here! Time to deploy the sensors!"	"A collection of electronics for outdoor remote sensing"		"Marc de Vinck"
0	133	77	"Review"	"Witty Pi 4 vs Adafruit Feather RP2040 with RFM95 LoRa Radio"			
0	133	78	"Review"	"M5Stack PoE Camera with Wi-Fi (OV2640)"			
0	133	79	"Review"	"Adafruit Feather RP2040 RFM69 Packet Radio"			
0	133	80	"Review"	"Enviro Grow (Pico W Aboard)"			
0	133	82	"Resources"	"10 Amazing: Camera projects"	"Are you getting the shot, or is the shot getting you?"		
0	133	84	"Resources"	"Learn Linux with Raspberry Pi"	"Resources to help you delve into the Linux operating system."		"Phil King"
0	133	85	"Resources"	"Linux Journey"			
0	133	85	"Resources"	"Introduction to Linux"			
0	133	86	"Interview"	"HannahMakes"	"A journalist turned special effects technician, you’ll find Hannah making great stuff on YouTube"	"HannahMakes"	
0	133	88	"This Month In Raspberry Pi"	"MagPi Monday"	"Amazing projects direct from social media!"		
0	133	90	"This Month In Raspberry Pi"	"Events in pictures: Raspberry Pi Community Gathering Taiwan"	"Community and official events in the wild"		
0	133	92	"Your Letters"	"Your Letters"			
0	133	94	"Events"	"Community Events Calendar"	"Find out what community-organised Raspberry Pi-themed events are happening near you…"		
0	133	98	"The Final Word"	"Learning by making"	"How a Raspberry Pi for work and play is helping Lucy learn By Lucy Hattersley"		"Lucy Hattersley"