feat: verify and help commands, cosmetics

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/45
6fa96f5d — Claude Betz 14 days ago
feat: breakpoints and continue command

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/45
7b59a931 — Claude Betz 15 days ago
fix: parameter reference leaks

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/48
b7751e4b — Claude Betz 13 days ago
fix: next branch logic and branch printing

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/45
08065d97 — Amisi Kiarie 19 days ago
fix: overspecificity in state view giving false negatives

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/53
93d30606 — Amisi Kiarie 19 days ago
feat: add case for bang to `expr_unary_eval`
25810a49 — Amisi Kiarie 19 days ago
chore: add `a_printf`, macro to assert and printf if false
1e3c83d7 — Claude Betz 19 days ago
fix: normalise `if' ast representation for stack based model

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/45
2062971d — Claude Betz 19 days ago
fix: stepping with next working

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/45
7dd83925 — Claude Betz 21 days ago
feat: debugger cosmetics

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/45
7c4ed29b — Xr0 Team a month ago
feat: debugger at parity

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/45
6c02b36a — Claude Betz 21 days ago
fix: testrunner file-based output comparison

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/40
fix: conditional allocation test should have failed

resolves: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/50
chore: better recursive printing of blocks

resolves: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/47
fix: runaway recursion with pointer cycle

resolves: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/46
681e762f — Amisi Kiarie a month ago v0.15.1
fix: undefined behaviour in error_printf

resolves: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/44
chore: update README
feat: track progress using stack program counter

resolves: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/42
feat: refine splitting logic; parse.x working

issue: https://github.com/xr0-org/xr0/issues/37