post: On Communication around COVID-19 in Denmark
index: Update License text in sidebar
Fix styling on the index page
Fix styling of the about page
Major stylistic overhaul

Model the general page layout like man pages.
sidebar: Add rel="me" to Mastodon link

Then Mastodon can indicate that I do in fact own the site.
post: Change the post title for Plan 9 on a Pi
about: Update text on FSF
about: Remove some commas
post: Now deployed from builds.sr.ht
Adjust the archive page and additional styling

The archive page is not yet accessible (via links) from the index page.
Many small changes

 * Some minor style editing

 * Provide a "Go back" button on post pages to return to the index

 * Redo sites.md a little
ede29ab1 — Thomas Jespersen 8 months ago
build: Add a deployment step
877139d1 — Thomas Jespersen 8 months ago
build: Get rid of 'jekyll build' warning and print Jekyll version
a574a44a — Thomas Jespersen 8 months ago
Update .build.yml
5a229162 — Thomas Jespersen 8 months ago
Initial .build.yml

Adapted from https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/drewdevault.com/tree/master/.build.yml