A toy debugger
format/dwarf: call freestrs() in test
format/dwarf: parse DW_FORM_implicit_const extra param
cmd/decodeabbrev: make a cli tool for parsing .debug_abbrev


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#hadb: A debugger

Project to explore how debuggers work, DWARF and maybe end up with a new debugger.


The project is organized roughly as follows: format/dwarf contains all the bits necessary to parse DWARF (2) debug info. The trace module provides an API to interact with a process tracer, with bindings for different OS's implementing a common API. For Linux, ptrace(2) is used, but this could be different for other OS's.

The cmd/hadb application provides a debugger that uses the trace module to interact with the tracee.

Extending hadb to work with other tracers should consist of adding a new variant to the trace module and implement the API outlined in trace/lib.ha.


  • Better name? hadb = Hare debugger, but only because it's written in Hare. "lurcher" has been considered