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muon is an implementation of the meson build system in C with minimal dependencies.


  • bug-for-bug compatibility with meson. In fact, muon aspires to be stricter than meson in cases where meson's implementation seems error prone. muon uses the official meson documentation as its specification.
  • cli compatibility with meson. muon has different flags, subcommands, etc., and should not be renamed/symlinked to meson.
    • additionally, various meson subcommands are not on the roadmap at all, including:
      • introspect
      • devenv
  • phony build target generation (e.g. test, clean, etc.)

Contributions welcome:

  • language support for languages other than C and C++
  • dynamic library building


muon is complete enough to build complicated projects, however, many things are still not implemented. If you want to contribute, try using muon to build your favorite project. Bug reports welcome!


muon requires various POSIX interfaces and a compiler offering c11 support.

Dependency discovery requires libpkgconf.

Wrap support requires libcurl and zlib.


You can bootstrap muon like this:

./bootstrap.sh build

You can then use the bootstrapped muon to build itself:

build/muon setup build
ninja -C build


Please refer to the contributing guide before sending patches.


Although I had already had the idea to re-implement meson in C, I was initially inspired to actually go out and do it when I saw boson. muon's code was originally based on boson, though has since been almost completely rewritten.