e9af3546 — Vincent Torri 2 months ago dev master
use fs_fileno to get the stdout file descriptor.

fixes compilation with cl.exe
windows: set standard streams to O_BINARY

This prevents things like muon fmt mangling newlines in files.  Further
consideration will be required when people decide they actually want
muon fmt to output crlfs.
"fix" static linking on windows

The real fix for this will probably involve a muon internal script, as
we definitely can't guarantee sh on windows.
8f77e55b — Vincent Torri 2 months ago
Add cl and clang-cl compilation support
switch fortify source build to use clang
add missing cd per task
add task to test muon with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3
break up tasks
add libclang-rt-dev dep to debian build
fix potential buffer overrun
fix print-search-dirs flag
clean up .. from paths before relativizing

path_relative_to does not handle .. specially, rather it relies on the
incoming paths to have all extraneous .. removed.
fix typo in cpp link args option name
remove memory leaks from editorconfig parser
pin alpine image version

Since the community repo was using latest-stable, when alpine updated to
3.18 but the image was still on 3.17, incompatible packages got pulled
into the index.
fix all hardcoded object extensions
return disabler from find_program(required: false)

if disabler: true
set object file extension from compiler
copy c or cpp args to assembly args
document different default builtin option values