Basic/Barebones syslog daemon
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#bsyslogd: Basic/Barebones syslog daemon

The syslog protocol is standardized in the RFC 3164 and RFC 5424.

Current status: Very early, not any close to a daemon yet

Made because other syslog daemons are either too limited (ie. OpenBSD syslogd can only log to existing files) or too complex by trying support almost any protocol which can support lines of text.
It will only support logging from system logs (kmesg, syslog, …) to text files or another syslog daemon, if you need other protocols, you'll need other programs acting as proxies, much like one would do for chat protocols like IRC.

#Known limitations

  • Structured data (Added in RFC 5424) is unsupported: syslog(3) also lacks it and it seems otherwise unuseddebLogger, known structured logging being done directly in the message itself, sometimes with formats like JSON.