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Sierpinski Triangle


Depends on the sdl2-dev package.

Build with make, run with ./quad.

The default size is 1024 pixels, optimized for 1080x1920px screens. To use another size (ideally a power of two or a number 2^n * m where m is small) run e.g ./quad 512 or ./quad 2048.

Run with make run.


  1. There are 8 rules
  2. Rules are referenced by a small squares indicating their position in the editor interface
  3. Each rule has one slot for each quadrant of the image
  4. Each rule has a fallback slot that's used when a square gets too small to be subdivided further
  5. Slots can contain patterns or references to rules
  6. The fallback slot can only contain a pattern
  7. To place a pattern in a slot, click it in the pallette at the top, then click on the slot
  8. To place a reference to a rule in a slot, click on the small square next to it (the larger square region below also works), then click on the slot


  • 1 decrease resolution
  • 2 increase resolution
  • i invert colors
  • o toggle outlines
  • q quit
  • r save as bitmap (quad-render.bpm)
  • c clear rules