Shell history in SQLite with time and place.
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small history / 史

A tiny program to add the time and place to your shell history.
This also enables you to copy a command to the clipboard.



You must have sqlite installed.

cargo install shi_history, or

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~kyoheiu/shi
cd shi
cargo install --path .

And add the preexec hook to your shell config file.

For bash:

(bash-preexec required. See https://github.com/rcaloras/bash-preexec)

source ~/.bash-preexec.sh
preexec() { shi --insert "$@"; }

For zsh or fish, you can use preexec hook.


If you'd like to copy a command to the clipboard, set any clipboard utility such as xclip or wl-copy as $SHI_CLIP.


At the first launch, shi creates sqlite database in $XDG_DATA_HOME/shi/.history (on Linux, in most case it should be ~/.local/share/shi/.history).

shi [ROWS]                       Print executed commands and time. (Default: 50 rows)

  -a, --all                      Print all the history with the directory path where the command was executed
  -i, --insert <COMMAND>         Insert the command to the history
  -r, --remove <ID>              Delete the command that matches the id
  -p, --path <PATH> [ROWS]       Show commands that were executed in directories that match the query
  -c, --command <COMMAND> [ROWS] Show commands that match the query
  -o, --output                   Export all the history to `$XDG_DATA_HOME/shi/history.csv`
  --drop                         Drop the database table: Deleting all history