Dead-simple self-hostable rss aggregator written in Deno fresh.
Use alpine to reduce container size


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A dead-simple self-hostable RSS aggregator written in Deno Fresh.




  • Changed: Use alpine image to reduce the container size.
  • Fixed: skip the auth process also in editting when .env is not set.
  • Added: image attr(loading, decoding) to improve performance.


  • Manage and edit feed list as a plain text.
  • No database (sqlite inside the docker container).
  • No import of full article content.
  • No automatic aggreagation. To aggregate all the feeds, press the update button on the top-right, or curl -X POST https://{YOUR_SITE_BASE_URL}/api/refresh. Setting cron on your server to post http request would be enough as well.
  • Built-in cookie auth (optional).
  • Custom sharing button.


  1. git clone this repo.

  2. Add /feed.txt, and ./islands/CustomShare.tsx. Optionally you can add .env to use built-in cookie auth.
    Note that if you don't have .env file correctly set, your page is exposed as is.

  3. sudo docker run -d --name frssco -v ./feed.txt:/app/feed.txt -p 8080:8080 $(sudo docker build -q .)
    You may need to remove deno.lock from the root.

# feed.txt (Lines prefixed with # are ignored)
# .env
// /islands/CustomShare.tsx

import IconSend from "https://deno.land/x/tabler_icons_tsx@0.0.3/tsx/send.tsx";
import IconDots from "https://deno.land/x/tabler_icons_tsx@0.0.3/tsx/dots.tsx";
import toastr from "https://esm.sh/toastr";
import { Feedback } from "../types/types.ts";
import { useState } from "https://esm.sh/preact@10.13.1/hooks";

export default function CustomShare(props: { target: string }) {
  const ShareButton = () => {
    switch (state) {
      case Feedback.Init:
        return <IconSend />;
      case Feedback.Loading:
        return <IconDots />;
      case Feedback.Error:
        return <IconSend />;

  const [state, setState] = useState(Feedback.Init);
  const send = async () => {
    setState(() => Feedback.Loading);
    const res = await fetch("https:/example.com/", {
      method: "POST",
      headers: {
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        Authorization: "YOUR_TOKEN",
      body: JSON.stringify({ url: props.target }),
    setState(() => Feedback.Init);
    toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-bottom-right";
    if (!res.ok) {
      toastr.error(`Cannot share URL: ${props.target}`);
    } else {
      toastr.info(`URL shared: ${props.target}`);

  return (
      <button onClick={send}>
        <ShareButton />


I just wanted to add custom sharing feature to this kind of app.

#Report bug / Request features / Contribute

This repository is maintained on https://git.sr.ht/~kyoheiu/frssco.
Contact me via email: ~kyoheiu/frssco@lists.sr.ht