Command-line utilities for file format conversions.
Remove old ffmpeg wrapper references from build script
Remove ffmpeg wrapper commands
Add "conv/html/txt" command


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Command-line utilities for file format conversions.

#Supported conversions

The following conversions are currently supported:

#From GIF to
  • JPEG
  • PNG
#From JPEG to
  • PNG
#From PNG to
  • JPEG

#Partially supported conversions

Work on the following conversions is partially complete. They may or may not suit your use case:

#From HTML to
  • Plain text

Work on these conversions is being completed in the upstream file format library.


The following conversion utilities are on our wishlist:

  • From HTML to Markdown
  • From Markdown to PDF
  • From Go to C
  • From C to assembly
  • From assembly to a program module
  • From C to a program module


Usage information is available in doc/en/cmd/conv.