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#Extra software

This page serves to list software that runs on 9front that is not available with the system.


  • 9fs 9contrib; cd /n/contrib
  • 9fs 9front; cd /n/extra
  • srv -n fs.9paste.net 9paste /n/9paste; cd /n/9paste/qrstuv
  • srv ftrv.se ftrv.se /n/sigrid; cd /n/sigrid
  • srv tcp!feline.systems!1336 feline.systems /n/burnzez; cd /n/burnzez

#http / git


#Download ports

cd /sys
hg clone https://code.9front.org/hg/ports

#Install a port

cd ports/category/portname

#Uninstall a port

cd ports/category/portname
mk uninstall