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#VMware Vcenter

The following are notes for installing 9front on VMware Vcenter.

Last tested for 9front "Calling Dtracy" and Vcenter 6.7 on ESXi 6.7.


  • Get the iso
  • Add the iso to data store (if outdated)
  • Create VM in Vcenter

#VM Settings

  • You will need a disk of size 20GB or more, thin provisioned. Any smaller and hjfs (and most likely cwfs) will fail to install properly. The limit may be smaller, but has not been tested.
  • Set Ethernet Adapter to E1000 not E1000E
  • Set hard drive to IDE from SCSI, remove the SCSI controller device.


Follow normal prompts with the default options bar a few exceptions which have been tested and are known to work.

Exceptions (in order of appearance):

  • sdC0 for the disk to install to
  • hjfs for the filesystem
  • Install Plan 9 bootloader to the MBR
  • Set the Plan 9 partition active (yes when prompted)


The plan9.ini(8) tuple *acpi= works for power cycling via reboot(8) and fshalt(8).

Audio does not work.

The mouse may not work under the web console, if you have issues, attempt to use VMRC. The vSphere client should provide a link to download VMRC.