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It requires 9pfs to be installed.
A side bonus of doing it this way is, that it uses the drawterm's aan connection to keep the 9p connection up.

## 9pfs and tlsclient (dp9ik / rcpu)

It is possible to use moody's [tlsclient](https://git.sr.ht/~moody/tlsclient)
UNIX port for authenticated tls-encrypted 9p connections using the following

	export CPU=<cpu server>
	export AUTH=<auth server>
	export USER=<username>
	export PASS=<password>
	socat unix-listen:/tmp/9psock exec:"9cpu -r /" &
	exec 9pfs -U /tmp/9psock /mnt

## v9fs

The Linux kernel contains a 9p driver that can be made to mostly