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ugh! is a website generator.

#Theory of operation


The website source comprises page content files maintained under top-level directory data/.

Top-level mk(1) targets drive the compilation of website source into output directory public/.

The website template is defined by files in the templates/ directory. The templating engine is rc(1) heredocs—it is rather limited but should be understandable.

The default template tries to load public/css/style.css stylesheet, which doesn't exist by default.

#Transformation rules

Currently supported content files are markdown, html, and raw text.

Copies of the source files with .html, .txt, and .md extensions are included verbatim in the output directory.

.md source files are compiled to an HTML page by a program bin/md2html. In turn, this program passes the markdown source file as a first argument to bin/filter-markdown which must produce HTML body content on its standard output.


bin/filter-markdown and other filters (in the future) may be replaced by users to use different processors or perform custom processing.


Clone or copy this directory to a suitable place and make sure the dependencies are met.

git/clone git://src.a-b.xyz/ugh /usr/web


9front version of rc(1) and mk(1) are core dependencies. NB Other versions of rc are guaranteed not to work.

The default markdown filter bin/mdtohtml depends on the discount(1) markdown processor. You can easily change it to something else.


Provide some content files in the data/ directory and run:


This will generate pages and files in the public/ directory. Publish it whichever way you like.