mkfile: use explicit VERSION variable (thanks qwx)

Using lu9 -v to determine the version fails for cross-platform
builds.  Maintaining an explicit VERSION variable is good enough
for now as Lua minor version is a slow moving number.

If or when we allow building across multiple Lua versions another
automatic approach might be warranted, such as parsing the lua.h
lu9: fix memory leak in REPL
mkfile: clean up target binaries
lu9: implement bytecode dump option
lu9: include p9.note module for loading
lu9: update p9 module name
mkfile: quiet down
build: combine clone with pull, update instructions
legal: crap
man: fix name again
man: fix naming and install with mk install
README: write it
mkfile: fix object name
It's lu9 now
build: use nicer object archive name
man: add lua9(1) manual page
lua9: rename program to lua9 to avoid confusion
lua9: flesh out standalone interpreter
lua: relax fp signaling configuration

This gives user code a chance to suffer^Whandle out-of-range and invalid
results of floating point operations, rather than having the OS kill the
entire process.

Killing the process may be useful for a raw C program, since its state
can be easily inspected to find the place where the (likely) bug
occured.  This isn't the case with Lua programs, for which the process
state is mostly useless in determining the Lua source line that caused
the VM to execute an invalid fp operation.
mkfile: install versioned executable and module path