bfd5d0c9bb2e38034662134f43c41743939f58dd — kvik 2 years ago 2978db7 front
shim: fix size_t and ptrdiff_t definitions

Prior to a recent change to 9front which made the usize type
64-bit on 64-bit machines there was no nice way to define a
proper size_t, so I opted to hardcode it to uvlong, which
avoided the need for patching a bunch of tricky upstream code
dealing with size limits and whatnot. This, of course, made
it so that Lua would only compile on 64-bit platforms.

With this change Lua now builds for all the usually supported
9front platforms: amd64, 386, arm, arm64.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M shim/shim.h
M shim/shim.h => shim/shim.h +2 -2
@@ 93,8 93,8 @@ typedef int sig_atomic_t;
/** stddef.h **/
#define NULL ((void*)0)

typedef long long ptrdiff_t;
typedef unsigned long long size_t;
typedef intptr ptrdiff_t;
typedef usize size_t;

/** stdio.h **/
#include "/sys/include/stdio.h"