Lua standalone interpreter for Plan 9
mkfile: use explicit VERSION variable (thanks qwx)
lu9: fix memory leak in REPL
mkfile: clean up target binaries


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#lu9 -- Lua for Plan 9 space

lu9 is an umbrella project providing a native Plan 9 port of the Lua library and several other libraries and programs built on top of it.

The project is currently comprised of the following:

  • lu9 is a simple Lua interpreter host intended for running standalone Lua programs and interactive usage. It also serves as an example on how to use the Lua library in your own programs.
  • lu9-lua is a Lua 5.4 library patched to work well within the Plan 9 environment. It does not depend on any other code in this project. Unlike many previous ports it does NOT use APE, the POSIX emulation layer, which means that you can use it alongside regular Plan 9 libraries.
  • lu9-p9 is a system interface module providing access to system calls and other useful libc interfaces. It also provides some higher-level interfaces for the most common tasks.
  • lu9-lpeg is a simple port of the LPeg pattern matching module.

Check the respective repositories for more information.

#lu9(1) standalone interpreter

#Building and installing

Building and installing lu9 is simple: grab this repository, pull the dependencies, and run mk install.

; git/clone https://git.sr.ht/~kvik/lu9
; mk pull
; mk install

Only the lu9 binary and Lua modules get installed into the system. The binary is statically linked so no C libraries have to be installed.


Check the lu9(1) manual page for more information.

; man lu9

All of my original work is released under the MIT license, the same license used by Lua and LPeg.