My personal dotfile repository
Add shortcut to insert date in init.vim
Fix change of leaderkey in diary.fish
Start using secrets.fish again


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My dotfiles

These are the dotfiles that I've decided to put under version control. Basically it's all of the dotfiles with heavy customization plus a few with only minor tweaks that I don't want to forget to make on any new system I run.

I use Yet Another Dotfiles Manager (YADM) to manage these files. I prefer it over other tools as it leaves my dotfiles in place and doesn't muck around with symlinking etc., and supports different dotfiles for different machines or operating systems. It's also just a wrapper over git so all git commands work as you expect them to.

Things are only pushed to this repo when my system is in a stable state, so as long as you're using roughly the same version of all of these programs then things ought to work for you too out of the box.