Add note about -timeout parsing specifics
Allow peers to send an optional payload with udprelay!channel commands
Add plaintext man page output to .gitignore
Add AUTHORS section to man pages
Add Makefile rule to generate .txt files for man pages
Make .build.yml use non-conflicting filenames for ref artifacts
Hard-wrap scdoc files at 80 columns
Make description for -protocol flag in help text reference udprelay(7)
Fix $(VERSION) in cases where the directory isn't a git repository
Add line referencing man page to end of -help text
Add -version flag
Add Dockerfile
Remove go get statement from Makefile

We don't use anything but the standard library :)
Add Basic usage section to README.md
Print version to stderr before doing anything
Add Installation section to README.md
Replace all references to udprelay(5) with udprelay(7)

Never underestimate my ability to consistently forget what the man
sections are
Add version footers to man pages
Add clean target to Makefile