High-power LED light with HSV controls
Simplify Makefile
Fix flickering on low brightness
Add cube enclosure



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#Tiny Light

High-power LED light with HSV controls.

See: https://krystianch.com/light





See upload target in the Makefile.

If you use the STK500 programmer, you can run make upload.

You can set the RSTDISBL fuse bit to unlock full range brightness control. There is a Make target for this: make upload-fuse. WARNING! If you do this you won't be able to program the chip again using ISP. You'll need a programmer capable of high-voltage serial programming (HVSP).


Schematic and board in the hardware/pcb/ directory. Open with KiCad EDA. 3D-printable enclosures and potentiometer knobs in hardware/3d-printables/. Open with OpenSCAD.


RESET  -|    |-  VCC
PB4/EN -|    |-  SCL
OC1B   -|    |-  OC0B/MISO
GND    -|____|-  OC0A/MOSI